Hello, My name is Sibyla and I invite you to step on the mat, leave your thoughts aside, take a deep breath and keep calm for a while.
left align image In the last few years Yoga took an essential part in my life, giving me the opportunity to know and understand myself better. There was time when I was hopeless and disconsolate, disinterested and spiritless, afraid for no reason, turning sad for many reasons all at once and not knowing the person I’ve become. Going to a yoga class was just something to try without believing I would return for a second class. I returned and still do it. There was no grand unbelievable unspeakable moment of change when the picture in my head was replaced in a instant by a prettier picture and my life completely transformed with confetti in the air and all was love and peace ever since (if there were a moment like this. I would imagine it to happen under the soundtrack of Queen’s We are the champions). Nothing happened except going to the mat, listening to the teacher and learning to do asanas and then things somehow gradually changed, my feelings, my thoughts and habits were not the same anymore. Everything in life is a choice we make and if we want a different result, we’ll have to make a different choice. Going to a Yoga class was my different choice and it makes me grateful every day.
If time comes when being becomes too complicated and hard to bear, if nothing goes right, it’s time to do Yoga and give yourself another chance of learning new body positions, getting to know different aspects of yourself, using different words, creating new thoughts and new memories. Let’s remind ourselves from time to time that we are souls and we have bodies*. A Yoga class is a wonderful way to take care for both of them.
*Autobiography of a yogi, Self-Realization Fellowship