Yoga in the Air

Yoga Asana

Aerial Yoga helps the practitioners to overcome long-held fears and limitations that we alone set up for ourselves. Thanks to the swing and the possibilities it opens for us, to twist our bodies and place them in different peculiar poses, we get a new view on the exercises, on our own bodies and on our possibilities. Sometimes a specific pose seems totally unattainable for us, only until that moment when we have mastered it and we even feel comfortable in it. For the purpose patience and persistence are needed – qualities that cultivated in us would help us not only in the studio but in our daily life as well. The whole world is full of things and somebody has to look for them. And that’s just what a Thing Finder does.*
In that sense, finding the swing and the hanging upside down are wonderful things to be found, teach us to listen more carefully to our bodies, to be courageous and believe in ourselves.
The hammock reminds us that the bending and strengthening our bodies could happen in an amusing, recreational, spontaneous way and the physical training isn’t a synonym of struggle, tension and exhaustion. After Aerial Yoga classes we often feel more relaxed and full of new energy.
The most certain way to experience the benefits of the exercises with the hammock is to get to know it and confide in it.** Let’s settle comfortably in the hammock, close our eyes, leave all our thoughts outside the studio and swing.
*Pippi Longstocking
**The most effective way to do it, is to do it.- Amelia Earhart.


Rishikesh Yoga Club

Saturday & Sunday at 5.00 pm

Unity Yoga Club

Thursday at 7.25 pm

Saturday at 11.30 am