Yoga Classes Etiquette

While Yoga practice is approachable for everyone regardless of gender, age, religion, physical flexibility, there are a few rules valid for all practitioners. These rules are not designed to complicate people’s life but rather to minimize the distracting factors and ease the attendants in reaching a state of mind where the only thought is related to the present moment, one’s own breathing and the body position – mission hard enough by itself.

Arrive on time

A couple of reasons why it is important not to be late for your Yoga classes.

left align imageFirst of all, classes usually have a precisely defined hour of beginning and ending and before and after them there are other classes. If the class begins later than scheduled the instructor will have to skip some asanas in order to compensate for time, which will reflect on our practice. On the other hand, when the class has already begun our late arriving will disrupt the practice and probably will distract some of the practitioners.
Sometimes, for different reasons, it could happen that someone is late, so when entering the hall, let’s make it quietly, make no noises, no speaking and make sure it does not happen systematically.
Arriving on time for Yoga practice means we respect our time and that of the others.

No sell phones

As simple as that. Surely we are independent enough to leave our phones aside for an hour and not calling, texting or checking the black mirrors for 60 minutes. In most studios there are dressing rooms with lockers where everyone can safely lock their mobile phones for an hour or so.

Leave your shoes outside the yoga hall

On one hand, removing our shoes before entering a Yoga hall denotes sign of respect and humility before the practice. On the other hand, in that way we keep the cleanliness of the environment where we practice. On a symbolic level people take off their shoes before entering the practice hall so that they leave the negative, frustrating, limiting energy they carry from outside.

Be attentive

Yoga is a beautiful practice where people from different walks of life and levels can join and be part of one process. Every practitioner is focused on their own breath, body movement, state of mind, level of concentration and in that sense we all respect each other’s space and time. This means no staring at the others, no talking and chitchatting during the class, no making any comments and remarks, and no laughing at others.

Yoga practice shows us a different approach to life where the world we live in is a mat and all the balance we accomplish on it, all the power we gain class after class, all the inner peace we achieve on the mat are to be used in our everyday life. And that’s the hardest yet most satisfying part of the journey.