First yoga class
Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing would mean the one that makes us feel good in it, not thinking of how our belly, butt, tights or arms look in it. Usually it consists of not too loose, not too tight pants and top. We definitely don’t need to pay a fortune for the most fashionable fancy outfit.


It is not an obligatory item but if we are a sweaty person, we would feel much more comfortable if we bring our own towel. left align image

Bottle of water

During the practice there is neither time, nor necessity of drinking water as it is not a highly dynamic aerobic training. Pauses for drinking water may be distracting for us or the others around us. On the other hand, if our mind will be concentrated only on a sip of water all the time, we better just bring a bottle. We should only be careful and not drinking too much as the performance of the poses could become more challenging or unpleasant.

What is not needed at my first Yoga class?

No shoes needed

It is so easy to go to a Yoga class – we do not need any specific equipment, outfit or skills. We will not need even shoes. While wearing socks is perfectly fine, most people rather be barefoot.

Don’t need the most expensive special pair of pants and tops.

We often see on Internet or in different Yoga studios’ ads people dressed with the fanciest outfits in beautiful patterns and amazing colors which cost a short vacation in the mountain. Enjoy it or ignore it but don’t let it make you feel the need to put it on in order to enter the studio. No one will have a less effective practice because they have a hole in the sock.

No mat needed

Most of the studios provide mats for the practitioners. In cases when we have to bring our own mats, this will be expressly indicated on the studio’s site or mentioned somewhere in the instructions. After the practice we should make sure to clean the mat and leave it tidy and ready for the next person. People who prefer practicing on their own mat are welcome to bring it with them.

No jewelry

Most of us usually get up in the morning, brush our teeth, wash our face and proceed to putting on an assortment of marvelous strictly chosen by color, material and season watches, earrings, neckless, rings, brooch and so. The moment we step in the studio, taking off all of them and remaining barefoot is kind of an alleviation, it brings us comfort and lightness.